Friday, June 15, 2012

Foodie Baby: The Incredible, Edible, Appalling, Abominable, Atrocious Egg

As soon as I finally convinced my daughter to not only accept eggs but enjoy them in scrambled form, I have officially tainted them forever in her little toddler mind. I pushed the envelope and decided to hard boil an egg for her tonight to see if she'd enjoy the versatile, elliptical wonder in another costume.  I thought that I'd make it more fun for her by carving a little happy face into the egg. In my head I pictured her squealing with delight, pointing at it and having a little play time with it, then eating it because it was soooooo fun.  It went so terribly wrong. So, so, so wrong.  
The culprit.

The culprit as it lies on the high chair tray.

My daughter wondering what the hell I was thinking putting this evil thing in front of her.

Really frightened of the thing.

Wishing it dead. And wondering why I would do this to her.

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