Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Goddess: Magnesium Calm, Life Minerals, and Kid's Natural Calm

If I can do something the natural way rather than taking a pill or pumping synthetic meds in my or Pip's bod, then I'd rather give it a go than not try at all. I began taking Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm when I started working for the chiropractors' office. Once my body adapted to the dosage, I doubled it and really started looking forward to my hot mug every night.  Not only did it somehow help me to lose a ton of water weight around my midsection, but I slept as though I had been shot with a tranquilizer gun. Now I'm not sure what I would do with out it. I have started a good thing and can never go back. That much I know. Then I began taking a few cap-fulls of the Natural Life trace minerals and began to really see a difference in my energy level and general mental well-being. Taking the two of these on a daily basis has alleviated a lot of my anxiety (any of you who know me knows that I am a very anxious person) and helped me to literally walk slower, talk slower, be slower. Which in my case, is a very good thing. Even my nails are long and pretty now because I don't feel the need to constantly fidget!
I went to Green Acres Market today on my lunch break to buy Pip some all-natural Deet-free citronella sandalwood lemongrass blah blah blah bug spray and ran into Calm for Kids!! And it has a ton of other great minerals and vitamins in it too!  I gave her a dose in a sippy cup of water (it tastes a lot like a Naked juice drink to me) right before bath time, and despite the HUGE FLASHING LIGHTENING AND BOOMING THUNDER GOING ON in Kansas City tonight....she sleeps like a lamb. Not a peep.  Do what you'd like, but this this brand name is definitely becoming a fixture in our little really does our bodies good! I hope it does yours too!
Pardon the x-ray machine in the background. I took the picture back at work next to the pretty bamboo...


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  2. I love my Calm! I just realized the one for kids! Going to Green Acres here in Wichita tomorrow I hope they have it here!

  3. I love my calm! I hope green acres here in Wichita has the kids calm! I have 4 boys I think they would benefit from it :)