Monday, May 28, 2012

Foodie Baby: Got Teeth? You Know What Time It is!

To me, the beginning of summer is not indicated by the neighborhood pool opening or the moment you have to turn your air conditioner on.  To me, it is officially summer when you can EAT MESSY FOOD. Smiling slices of watermelon, ripe and red strawberries, juicy burgers, hot dogs, and steaks fresh off the grill, and BUTTERY CORN ON THE COB.

Pip is almost two, and that means she has enough chompers to truly enjoy one of summer's most pleasant experiences:  typewriter-ing an ear of corn while butter drips down her chin. It took her less than three seconds to grasp the concept and I don't think there is any going back.

In the video, she is referring to her  Great Aunt Cindy and  Great Uncle Mark with whom we just spent the weekend. She was introduced to corn kernels freshly cut FROM the cob at their house and loved it. But now she can get her very own ear like a big girl. So now I think she will always think of her Great Aunt and Uncle while enjoying her corn. Aaawwww "shucks," that's kinda sweet.
I hold onto these handles and do wha...?
Mmmmmm, this is divine.
How long have I had teeth and how long have you known about this?
Oh yeah, you and I are gonna be best friends Mr. Earofcorn.
And when we're finished, it's silly time!

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