Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reflections in the Kitchen Window: Nuts and Grapes, Grapes and Nuts

After I light my nightly incense and drink two glasses of wine, I start philosophizing some really deep stuff.  The national deficit, whether man was born innately good or evil, and why the hell a cereal would be named Grape Nuts when clearly there are no grapes or nuts involved. It is thoroughly confusing. When Piper is a little older and asks me questions about how babies are made or why human beings come in different colors I feel better prepared to answer than when she asks, "Mommy? Why is this called Grape Nuts? I like grapes. I like nuts. But neither one are in here. Mommy WHY???"  Does anyone have any insight here?  I would greatly appreciate a little background history on this by my readers so that I don't descend into a full-blown panic attack over a bowl of whole grain cereal. That would be great, thanks.

Somewhere over the rainbow and going completely grape nuts,

Bailey Jane


  1. Wikipedia has the various stories how Mr. Post gave them the name. I know I like them. Yes, the "Why" stage, which does not end until they are about 25. You will soon start recognizing yourself. What this has to do with Grape-Nuts is beyond me but in the overall cosmic plan it fits in.

  2. From the C.W. Post website: Post Grape-Nuts, the cereal that is neither a grape nor a nut, is made from natural wheat and barley. This unique, naturally sweet cereal was created in 1897. C.W. Post came up with the name because the cereal contained maltose, which he thought was grape sugar and because the distinctive flavor reminded him of nuts.

    You can start working on answers to "why the sky is blue", do bugs pee" and "where do my eyes go at night?"