Monday, April 2, 2012

Reflections In the Kitchen Window: ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD!

Oh how exciting! My very first award for writing a blog. *sniff* I'm getting a little verklempt, so here is a foodie discussion:  A chick pea is neither a chick nor a pea.  Discuss...discuss....
Ok, I think I'm better now. Thank you Mrs. Jennifer P. of Mrs. P's Ed Tech Talk for bestowing upon me this honor. I greatly appreciate the recognition and I hope I can spread the word about your lovely blog as well! Elementary education technology is more important than ever these days as our youngsters become more and more immersed in a techie world. A great blog for teachers and parents!

--->  Now it's my turn to bestow the honor of the "One Lovely Blog Award" to recipients who I feel really go above and beyond the call of blog duty.  Here's a thank-you for just doing what you enjoy, and teaching all of us a thing or two along the way!

---> Here are the rules:  
1.  Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
2.  Pass the award on to up to 15 other lovely bloggers.
3.  Follow the person's blog who sent it to you.

My "One Lovely Blog Awards" go to:

1.  Tarah and Brigitte, two of the loveliest ladies on the island of St. Thomas give you the real low-down on living in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Brand new beautiful blog with lots of heart. Watch this one folks, it's going place.  Read The Coconut Wire and BE IN THE KNOW.

2.  High school friend, supermom, artist, designer. Amazing talent. Meet Alisa Taylor.

3.  You can really get an incredibly close look at what island life is all about by reading St. Thomas Blog.  Scott and Nicci White are a fabulous couple who make the most of every moment they spend on that beautiful island in the sun. They take the good, the bad, the ugly, the downright funny and roll it all into one.

4.  Indulge your senses...and your girly side at Girl Obsessed.

5.  If you haven't read The Kitchn yet, you simply must. But especially if you're a parent, take a look at the immense children's section that's sure to keep you hooked!!

6.  Strong woman, scientist, musician, friend. Please follow Mimi's science blog, Potspoon!, and you won't be disappointed.

7.  Mimi's less-sciency and more informal blog, or as she calls it "nonsense meandering braindumps."  Can't go wrong with that, right?!  That's for you to decide.....Click here to visit Roogoodoo.

8.  Hands down some of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL food photos I have ever seen at The Year In Food.  Absolutely stunning.

9.  I have always really enjoyed reading Weelicious ever since I became a parent! It's a great resource for homemade baby foods, and transitioning into toddler foods, as well as healthy family meals!

--Check out these blogs, become a follower and broaden your community! There is lots to learn from everyone. What will you take with you today?


  1. Thank you so much Bailey!

    We really appreciate the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. We admire your passion and enthusiasm for raising a foodie baby! Piper will surely be a culinary guru by the time she's in her teens! We hope to see you back in St. Thomas soon! Your friends & fans!

    The Coconut Wire

  2. Thank you so much - that completely made my day!


  3. Thank you Miss Bailey for this blog award :) and thank you for reading us, and thank you again for raising a beautiful & smart little peanut that is sure to be a force in this world :)


    St. Thomas Blog

  4. You all are very welcome! And also very appreciated! It's not like blogging brings in the big bucks, but it's admirable that you all keep up with it as adamantly as you do just because you're passionate about what you do. That's awesome, keep up the great work! And I'll try to continue raising a little edamame junkie hehe.