Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reflections In the Kitchen Window: FOODIE FAUX PAUX

I'm sure I have officially broken some cardinal rule of foodie blogging by hardly writing around CHRISTMAS TIME, the time of year when recipes should be flying to people's inboxes faster than UPS ships parcels.  Please accept my apology, but I am new to this as well. When my life becomes busy, there is obviously less time for sitting down at the end of the day to type out my culinary adventures. Actually, during this holiday season there was precisely the amount of time it took to pour a tall glass of wine and collapse onto the couch when all was said and done.

Once the holidays were over, I experienced something very new for me:  a post-holiday crash that truly resulted in about a week of very real and deep sadness. I suppose it could be called a type of "situational depression."  I have experienced this several times during my life, the first time being in college, and I will say that it is a most horrible feeling.  This year, having a toddler I think I got extra caught up in the euphoria of Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year and once I realized there were no more halls to deck, no more bells to jingle, no more silent nights (ok, I have a toddler, who am I kidding), the crash from the high sent me into a tailspin of irrational crying and anxiety. BUT NOT TO WORRY! I have pulled up my big girl pants, strapped my apron back on, and I am ready to rock and roll! That was rough though. Next year, I will brace myself for the inevitable crash so I won't hit so hard. Or at least knead out some of my famous dumpling dough first so it won't hurt so much.

Click here to read some great tips on how to avoid holiday depression next year if you are prone to such things, and

Click here to read some great tips on how to avoid post-holiday blues next year, much like the ones I experienced. Creating "Big Audacious Goals" sounds like a great idea to me!  At least this way, you won't end up looking like my twin here once it comes time to take down the beloved Christmas tree.


  1. Next year will be better! :) Just think next year Piper will have somewhat of an understand of the holidays and she will be so excited to help and for the upcoming holidays, and that in itself is so super exciting! :)