Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchen Goddess: FOODIE BABY CLASS!

It's official!  My Foodie Baby class in the Park Hill School District begins on January 25th, 2012!  It's not too late to enroll, and you can do so by calling the Community Education office at 816.359.4060. It is a six week course, Wednesday nights, from 6-7:00pm in the Lakeview Middle School foods room.  The turnout may be small at first, but hopefully demand will be large enough that it can become a continuing class with other classes branching off from it as popularity increases.

The class is baby-friendly of course, unless you feel that you could better concentrate if the wee one was not present.  It is basically a hands-on approach to making fresh, wholesome, unique baby food and will include recipes, instructions on pureeing, storing, weaning, transitioning and fully involving your baby in the sights, sounds, and smells of the kitchen.  All too often children are plopped in front of the television while dinner is being prepared, when it's really the perfect opportunity for learning, bonding, and fun

I hope to see some of you there if you're in the Kansas City area!  More recipes and foodie fun to come! 
Here's Pip in San Antonio shoving a tortilla in her face hole! Yaaaaaay foodie babies!


  1. I am so happy for you...You will have to let me know how the class goes! I think you will have blast teaching the people.....It is doing what you! Good luck on Wednesday!

  2. love this - great job Bailey!

  3. love this! great job bailey!