Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know it doesn't seem like food and poop should really be used in the same sentence, and I don't really know why I got the sudden urge this morning to clean my baby's gastrointestinal tract.  Maybe it's because she's just not one of those super poopy infants that blesses me with a ginormous pantload every day that had me feeling like I needed to get the gears working.  At any rate, the method I used is below.  Don't forget to click on THIS LINK to see a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit regarding blowing out your colon! I will get back to you all on the results...tick, tock, tick, tock....


3 whole pitted prunes
1/8 cup of rolled oats
1/4 cup of water


1. Heat the rolled oats and water in a small bowl for 30 seconds on 60% power in your microwave.
2. Spoon the oatmeal into a food processor.
3. Plop the 3 prunes in the food processor as well.
4. Puree until a rich and creamy texture.
5. Make sure your baby eats all of it.
6. Wait for impending diaper explosion....or I said, I'll get back to you.

1 comment:

  1. Seven hours later and still no diaper action....Three prunes and some dietary fiber?? Really?? Man, this kid must already be spotless inside.