Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Foodie Baby: Whole Wheat, Cheese, and Pickle Shapes

Food + shapes =  DELICIOUS LEARNING FUN.  Don't be disappointed when your shapes end up looking more like wet mush spread all over the high chair tray. It's the amount of mush left that really matters, and these are so yummy that I predict minimal mush.  It's a blast to see which shape your baby is drawn more toward and it gives you the opportunity to teach them the basics in a fun and healthy way!  Here ya go:


Whole wheat tortillas
Cream cheese
1 slice of American cheese
Hamburger-sliced dill pickles

1.  Spread desired amount of cream cheese on one whole wheat tortilla.
 2.  Sprinkle fresh ground pepper on top of the cream cheese.
 3.  Break apart the one slice of American cheese and scatter on top.
 4.  Place desired amount of dill pickles on top of the cheese.
 5.  Spread a smaller amount of cream cheese on a 2nd whole wheat tortilla to act as "glue."

6.  Cut shapes out with metal cookie cutters (Press hard! those pickles are tough!).
 7.  Voila!
 8.  Your baby should be so delighted that they stick cheese on their face, like so:
 9.  And let's not forget how fun PICKLE FACES are:

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