Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reflections in the Kitchen Window: Whole Foods - 1, Crap - 0

I catch myself comparing my child to the vast majority of other children and get myself in a tizzy about things that aren't really that bad. Today I made these amazing super duper Healthy Triple Chocolate Chunk Protein Muffins thinking that Piper would just be in HEAVEN to practically eat chocolate cake for breakfast. She took two bites and said she didn't want it, but wanted a banana instead. For lunch I told her I was making "circles," when really it was a hot dog cut into round cross-sections (if i were to say "hot dog," she'd want nothing to do with it from the get go).  When I made her all-beef Hebrew National "circles," she acted like she was actually afraid of it. So she ate cheese, lima beans, whole wheat bread, and 5 strawberries for lunch instead. I found myself getting frustrated and thinking things like, "What kid doesn't like chocolate muffins for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch??!!"  But I wasn't focusing on the positive. This child loves WHOLE foods. How can I be upset with that? Cheese, fruits, grains, and greens vs. chocolate and nitrates.  I will try harder not to focus so much on what society's expectations are of a toddler and take my cues from her. She seems to gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle anyway. I suppose she could teach me a thing or two!

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