Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's for Breakfast? - Green Monster Spinach and Wheatgrass Smoothie

I am a believer in spinach. I packed Piper's baby food full of it whenever possible, because much like tofu, it really has no taste when mixed with a stronger flavor. It's loaded with folate and iron, as well as Vitamins K, C, and A. It's a powerful antioxidant, even more so than wheatgrass which I learned on this website where I initially got the idea to experiment with this smoothie in the first place!  I added some wheatgrass anyway that I have growing in the windowsill because...well...why not. My mother was extremely skeptical of having even a sip of something that involved blended spinach and wheatgrass, but after I convinced her to try it she requested an entire glass of her own. I also put it in Piper's sippy cup and thinned it out with a little more milk! There is nothing in this smoothie that a toddler can't enjoy right along with you! Here's what to do:

~Ingredients and Directions~

1 sliced banana, frozen
1 Tbsp. all-natural peanut butter
1/2 cup Yoplait Original Creamy Vanilla yogurt
1 cup whole milk
Approx. 4 cups baby spinach leaves
3 Tbsp. chopped wheatgrass

 Blend until creamy and beautiful and green and lovely.
 Distribute some for the whole fam!


  1. wheatgrass is such a great veggie, I eat it in some form everyday

  2. I agree! I should try to incorporate it in more things than I do!