Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Foodie Fun: Mandarin Candle

My complete lack of blogging lately is due to three very specific things:  1) I officially rejoined the work force while also teaching my Foodie Baby class which left literally no time to blog, 2) Getting my very feisty 19-month old daughter acclimated to daycare for the very first time while trying to ease into the evening routine of "pick-up-from-daycare-bathe-spend-quality-time-together-then-bed-time" which isn't as easy as some would have you think, and 3) Pinterest. Damn you Pinterest and all of your addictive glory. I was suckered into it about a month ago and now I just can't stop. I love all of the creative ideas people have brought together to share in one online community. Brilliant. Now people like me are even more suckered into the world wide web than we were before. Oh well! Just means more fun foodie times ahead! Woo hoo!

I should have taken step-by-step pics but there is a tutorial on YouTube.com that is so easy to follow that it can do all the explaining pretty well. I also just bought a huge bag of Clem 'n Tina's mandarins at the grocery store so I was limited to using a mandarin instead of an orange. I'm not sure if using the orange would have made a difference...maybe the "wick" would have been longer making the flame a little bigger and brighter. My candle was pretty dim but it still glowed like a really cool small orange orb. Neato. Click here to watch the tutorial video on how to make your own orange (or in my case, mandarin,) candle!  Below are the pictures I took of my earthy 'lil Tuesday night project.


  1. This is so cool! I saw this on Pintrest and want to try it!

  2. I will say that it's a little anticlimactic. After lighting a billion matches for the "wick" to finally take the flame, it was like, "Oh. Welp. There ya have it. A tiny glowing orange. That gives off no scent. Just sits there and sorta glows a bit. Nifty!" I had visions of mandarins dancing in my head as I pictured placing about 30 of these along the wooden deck creating a cool summertime ambiance. Then I realized that as soon as a poof of wind were to gust, not only would the flames be extinguished but hollow mandarin orbs would just be lying in the grass below. Hmmmmm. But it's a fun little project, especially if you have some small kids to entertain with an earthy project!