Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know that every parent at some point plays "airplane" or "choo choo train" with their baby's food in order for them to enjoy it, but when is the last time you truly played with your food?  When have you gotten down on the floor, and incorporated a vegetable as a method of play?  I find that the more often I simply expose Piper to fruits, veggies, and spices in a day-to-day manner, the more comfortable she seems to be with food in general. She is allowed to play in the spice cabinet so she can smell the spices through the bags, bottles, and jars (through this method I have found she prefers mint flakes and Herbs de Provence).  When the refrigerator door is opened, she is allowed to briefly open and close the crisper drawers (sometimes I find random objects in there which brings a smile to my face when she's napping or asleep), and when I'm cooking, she is ALWAYS allowed to gnaw and teethe on whatever fruit or vegetable I might be chopping.  If it comes from the fridge, the cool wet textures have to feel good on red, sore gums, and as they may nibble bits and pieces off of the food, a little nutrition is added to their diet!

Today while chopping vegetables for a crock pot beef barley soup, I took a few minutes to really have some fun with a carrot. Carrots can be A LOT of fun, especially if used as a poker/tickler somewhere around the rib cage area....  So explore the foods in your pantry and refrigerator, and have some FUN with your food!  Maria Montessori would be proud!


  1. She is having a lot of fun with that carrot! Lol.
    I LOVE CARROTS!! I still havent heard "the voice" but I can imagine. ;)

  2. Just imagine an even more insane Pee Wee Herman. If you don't value one of your tympanic membranes much I can call you and demonstrate.

  3. You are so right.....parents should let their children do all these things. It is very importnat for a child to be able to explore the world around them. this helps them learn. I loved to watch my children play with their food when they were young. Heck my almost 10 year old still plays with his food. He likes to make a game out of eating. Thanks for sharing that with me. I enjoyed reading it and got good laughes out of the pictures.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Traci! And it's awesome to hear that your kids are ENJOYING their food as well. Eating should not be a chore, it should be a pleasure. Some of the best memories are shared around the table and surrounding food. Not only can we HAVE our cake and eat it too, but we can PLAY with it!