Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's for Breakfast? - Pineapple, and Chocolate Chip Pancake Flop

For my mother's last birthday in November of 2010, I wanted her to wake up to something delicious on her special day. I had just moved back from the island and was hoping to show my appreciation in any way I could. Apparently, breakfast is not my forte and an area I could use some training and improvement. In theory, the pineapple pancakes sounded mouthwatering. Sweet, filling, refreshing, almost like an upside down cake.  I already knew that chocolate chip pancakes were her favorite, so that was just a given. How hard could that be? Whip up some batter, throw in some chips....voila! Right?

Come to find out, using pineapple CHUNKS is a completely preposterous idea in the pancake realm. They are far too large and overtake the thin patty resulting in what looks like terrible cancerous tumors spotting what could have been a beautiful creation.
The juice from the pineapple made the pancake cook much slower than the ones containing chocolate chips.  Those containing chocolate chips will burn if put on the heat at the same time as those containing pineapple. Please learn from my mistakes. That is also one of the purposes of this blog. Not everything comes out perfectly. But we live, we learn, we burn.
My mother couldn't stomach the breakfast I attempted to make, but she did laugh heartily, which I guess was a pleasant birthday present in itself...just not what I was going for exactly.

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