Monday, August 8, 2011

Kitchen Goddess: I'M ABOUT TO POP MY CORK! No, really.

Sunscreen schmunscreen! Why get all slimy and smell like greasy fake coconut when you can just fill a glass full of your favorite vino?  After having a sort of off day, this article turned my frown way upside down. First it helps your heart, then it may thwart off dementia, and now it helps block harmful U.V. rays?? Wait, wait. I think I'm getting a little verklempt. The chickpea is neither a chick, nor a pea.  Discuss...discuss...

CLICK HERE to read the full article!

Also, if you care to partake in Linda Richman's "Coffee Talk" (a hilarious Mike Meyers skit on classic SNL), here's the link! You'll better understand that last line...


  1. Nice!! Very useful info.
    Def explains why it's so hard for me to get any color. Someone even said to me yesterday "Ur hard to tan & ur at the beach every weekend." & jokingly called me Albino. *Gasp. Lol. It's true tho. I'm always so pale & I just thought I wasn't going to the beach often enough & it was fading in between visits. But now I have a better excuse.. Uh I mean explanation. Lol.
    HAPPY NOW!?! Geesh LOL. xoxo

  2. Oh so very happy! Such a good friend you are. Don't forget to click all around on the advertisements! :-D