Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflections In the Kitchen Window: Mustard Brush?

I was watching "All in the Family" tonight, and when Edith was preparing a sandwich for Archie I noticed that a brush was attached to the lid when she opened the mustard jar!  Oddly, every night before bedtime Piper and I watch a few episodes of "The Pink Panther," and I distinctly recall seeing The Pink Panther order hot dogs from multiple hot dog vendors who all use little brushes to brush on the mustard.  Is there anyone out there who knows when these brushes or style of condiment containers were used? As a follow up question, does anyone have any idea why they were discontinued?  I don't know why I'm so hung up on this.  Maybe it's because I wish we still took the time from our busy hustle-and-bustle to paint on our condiments rather squirt and slap everything in such a hurry. Maybe we'd take our time and appreciate our food if we viewed it as a little piece of edible artwork. I'll be researching this as well, but for now I ask you, the reader, to VAN GOGH BANANAS and give me your thoughts!

P.S. - Please forgive my phrasing in the 6th sentence. It was unintentional, but in retrospect, really funny.

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